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User Testimonials

  • I used to use Free YouTube Downloader on a regular basis and I found it to be a very reliable tool for downloading videosI wanted to keep.
  • Powerful and easy-to-use video converter.
  • I tried a lot of converters, but this one is really the best.
  • It supports many formats. The output quality is great.
  • This is a very lightweight app that downloads and converts YouTube videos and nothing more.

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How to download and convert YouTube video to MP3 format or other video formats?

Aiseesoft YouTube Converter Mate is two excellent software combinations – Aiseesoft Total Video Converter and Aiseesoft YouTube Downloader. If you want to convert the YouTube video to MP3 format or other formats, you should download the YouTube video first. Then convert it. Here I mainly states on how to download YouTube video, as the method on how to convert YouTube video to MP3.

Here we go!
Click Downloaderto open the Free YouTube Downloader.

YouTube Downloader

There are two methods to download the YouTube Video.

Method One: Use "Add Task" Window
Click Add task to open the "Add Task" window, there are five columns on the add task window.

Add task window

Url: Input the url of the video you want to download.
File Name: The file name of the source file. For example, if you import URL as, you will see the FileName as "Wu8uHJKOrNw.flv" and it will be changed if you want to use your own file name.
Save Path: The destination of your downloaded video files, you can specify a location on your computer to save the downloaded movie and the default path is C:\Downloads.
Finished Path: You can classify the downloaded files, there are two categories available: Movie and Music.
Description: You can add your description as a note.

Method Two: Use an Internet Brower (IE) to navigate YouTube
If you would like to download current YouTube Video you are watching, please right click the mouse at the current video url and choose "Download by YouTube Downloader" from the pop-up menu.
The YouTube Converter Mate also allows you download all videos from the current opened page, just right click the mouse at anywhere of the page then choose "Download All by YouTube Downloader" from the pop-up menu, a window will pop up with all urls detected by this program, you can choose some of them to download by select the check box or just select all to download the all videos.
Note: Please confirm "Add to explore right button" in the "Properties View" is checked before using this way.

1. Choose View
You can choose the view according to your need, there are seven choices available: Tree View, List View, Progress View, Information View, Properties View, Columns View, Site Manager View.
2. Change Program Skin
You can change the program skin by the "Appearance" tool bar.
3. Download Video Consecutively
If you exit the program casually, the undownloaded video will continue to download consecutively when you open the program next time, you can import the temporary .fmap file by clicking "Import Task" button if the undownloaded video is not in the "Task List".

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